This is where you will find my techy witterings and nerdy tips.

WordPress – hail the all-powerful!

A busy few months here are HQ. Gradually sorting my home office out, plus living my life of many parts - drummer, teacher, web nerd and husband. I am most of the way through transferring my websites to a new hosting company. The old company (who I will...

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Websites that suck

I'm a generally positive person, and don't like criticising other people's work. However, I have to make some exceptions. Here are my "favourite" websites that suck. Warning: the sites below may include designs and images that you may find distasteful for all manner...

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Favourite App #4: PopClip

A tiny app for Mac which completely changes the way I use my computer Favourite App #4: PopClip PopClip is a small app that sits very quietly in your menu bar. It gives you a similar feature that iOS has - when you highlight text, a box appears giving you options for...

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Favourite App #3: Box

There are many cloud-storage solutions out there, but Box is my favourite. My app-session #3: Box Anything in my "Box Sync" folder on my MacBook also goes into the cloud on When I am teaching, and need to send a PDF to a student, I pick up my iPhone or iPad...

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Favourite App #2: Pixelmator

Drum roll please…it's Favourite App #2: Pixelmator I used to use old versions of Photoshop, but I found it overwhelming and rather bloated., and I hardly touched many of the features. Pixelmator is less than 10% of the cost of Photoshop, and does everything I need it...

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Favourite App #1: Evernote

My life is split across a few different fields, namely (but in no particular order) gigging, websites and music teaching. I use a number of different techy tools for these jobs, but there is a fair amount of crossover. My app-session #1: Evernote My life is in...

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