FAQ and Jargon Buster!

Here are some answers to questions I am often asked. There’s also a list of slightly technical terms and their definitions that you may wish to read.

General Questions:

Q: How much does a website cost?

A: Go to my Website Packages page for details.

Q: How do you keep your prices low?

A: I work from home, so no expensive overheads for office premises etc.

Q: I could make myself a website very cheaply at mrsite.com, weebly.com or wix.com. Why should I pay you to make my site?

A: The online site builders above are very powerful, but have definite limitations. They use pre-built templates so you may well end up with a website that looks identical to other businesses. They also limit your possibilities for expanding your website. Plus their customer support will not be personal, and may well be non-existent or just via email. And what if you choose at first to go with an online site builder and then your business expands and you find you need to upgrade to using a “real person” web designer? The online services do not make it easy to export your website.

A few technical points too: the online site builders often do not give you nice clean web addresses (which one is best: www.simondring.net/blog, or www.simondring.sitebuilder.com/456438738a4/blog ?!). They give you a pretty drag-and-drop interface to create your design, but these often create very bad code, which means your site will be slower, it will not appear correctly in all browsers, and some features may be broken if viewed on certain devices.

Q: Do I need to learn special code, or buy expensive software to update my website?

A: No. I look after most of the maintenance on the websites. Just email me with what you want updating, and I’ll get on the case, usually within 24 hours. If you have a blog on your website, you can login and add blog entries yourself.

Jargon Buster

co.uk Domain name

For example yourbusinessname.co.uk.

My packages include the registration of a .co.uk domain name for 1 year. There are also other domain name options, e.g. .com, .org, .net, .biz, etc. These “top level domain names (TLD’s) are more expensive than .co.uk, and there is a £20 per year charge for each TLD you require.

I will ensure that your domain name is renewed each year to avoid any disruption to your website and email system.

Email addresses

I will set-up email mailboxes for you – for example yourname@yourdomain.com, or info@yourdomain.com. You are able to access your email on the web on any computer, smart-phone or tablet anywhere in the world with an internet connection. You can also access your messages via your choice of mail client, eg Apple Mail, Outlook, etc. I give full instructions on how to set this up.

I can also set up email forwarding, so any email sent to yourname@yourdomain.com automatically forwards to yourexistingemailaddress@webmail.com

Hosting for 1 year

I provide the webspace in which your website will live on the internet. Think of it as renting a virtual plot of land where your website resides. I’ll take care of the maintenance and cleaning.

Responsive Design

Nowadays a high proportion of internet browsing is done on tablets and smart phones. My websites are built so that they look good on any device and screen size, from a large desktop monitor to the latest smartphone.

Google Analytics

I can integrate Google Analytics into your website. You can receive weekly emails the number of visitors to your website, where they are based, how long they stayed on your website, and even which internet browser they were using.

Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

You want your potential (and existing) customers to be able to find you using internet search engines. To make this possible, I build the websites in the optimum way so that Google and other similar search engines can find your site. I will set keywords, descriptions etc for each page of your website.

However, it is not just up to me to make your site attractive to search engines – the actual content (text) that you choose to include in your website is of great important. I can advise you on best practices when creating content.


We’ve all heard of companies or individuals who have had their websites hacked. I run excellent security software on our websites which will keep your website safe from attack. I also offer advice on best practices for passwords and data security.


In the very unlikely event of data-loss, or your website disappearing, you’re covered. I set up automatic back-ups of your website on a daily, weekly or month basis, so if anything goes wrong, I can get your website back and online very quickly (generally within 24 hours, often much faster).

Software Updates

I will make sure that we keep the software, databases and applications that keep your website online updated. This in turn will increase security.


Blogs are an important part of many websites. A blog is a (generally) regularly updated online diary or personal journal. You can write news items, thoughts, opinions, experiences – whatever you want! Your business website could feature a blog about related business topics, or what has been happening in your workplace recently. Readers then have the option to share or even respond to your blog entries via the “comments’ function. I can set up a blog function on your website and you will be able to easily login and add your content whenever you want – text, images, even video and music. I have a blog here – take a look!

Multimedia – video, audio, photo galleries

You can have photo galleries, audio and even videos on your website. These will also be visible (or audible) on mobile devices and tablets.

Contact Forms

A contact form is a great addition to your website, and allows potential clients to get in touch with you very easily by filling in a simple form. You will be sent the contents of this form automatically by email.

Online shop

I can set up an online shop – from a basic small shop through to multi-product complex ones, with product options and postage options. You can sell physical and/or digital items.