My life is split across a few different fields, namely (but in no particular order) gigging, websites and music teaching. I use a number of different techy tools for these jobs, but there is a fair amount of crossover.

My app-session #1: Evernote


My life is in Evernote. If you don’t know anything about Evernote, check it out – it’s free and available at

Here are just a few ways I use Evernote:

  • storing notes of meetings/lessons
  • drafting blog entries
  • storing documents/images/PDF files I am sent
  • reminders
  • archiving of html and css code I need to keep and find again
  • storing all of my receipts – scan them with the Evernote app on iPhone, and they’re accessible from all my devices, at anytime.
  • storing screenshots (using Skitch – another great app I shall write about another time)

Best thing is that Evernote syncs seamlessly, so whether I’m on my MacBook, iPhone or iPad or even on the Evernote website, my data is always there.

You’ll soon realise that I love Evernote. A lot. In fact, probably too much.

Watch out for my Evernote tips – little ways you can use Evernote to make your life a little easier.