A tiny app for Mac which completely changes the way I use my computer

Favourite App #4: PopClip

popclip menu bar iconPopClip is a small app that sits very quietly in your menu bar. It gives you a similar feature that iOS has – when you highlight text, a box appears giving you options for Copy, Paste, etc.

No more using keyboard shortcuts or wandering up to the edit menu to change your text – PopClip lets you do so much without moving anywhere

PopClip in action

PopClip in action

You can see the black box that appears when you highlight text. From left to right you have:

– magnifying glass – click this to search Google for your highlighted text
– Copy
– book – look up the text in a dictionary
– tweet this text using Tweetbot
– save this text into Evernote – a favourite of mine
– create TextExpander snippet
– word count
– Ab: capitalise first letter of each word
– ab: make all lowercase
– AB: capitalise all letters

Plus there are dozens more extensions you can add.

Occasionally I find this app annoying as it can get in the way when you’re typing and editing text and you don’t need all the options it gives, but you can set it to not trigger in certain apps.