A busy few months here are simondring.net HQ. Gradually sorting my home office out, plus living my life of many parts – drummer, teacher, web nerd and husband.

I am most of the way through transferring my websites to a new hosting company. The old company (who I will not name) were dreadfully slow and inconsistent, with the world’s worst web interface. But now most of my sites are hosted with Tsohost, and their customer service is absolutely amazing. It’s been a 99% pain free task migrating my sites across.


Interesting news in the last week about WordPress – it now powers 25% websites on the internet. Yes, 1 in 4 websites now run on WordPress.

As a huge WordPress fan and long-time user, this can only be good news as more and people are realising and utilising the power of WordPress to run their websites. It’s not only a blogging platform, it’s soooo much more.. 🙂